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WHO’s “Eight domains”

March 15th, 2016

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Today, research shows communities adapting to meet the needs of their older adult citizens raise the quality of life in ways that also appeal across the age spectrum. This is a core message for Santa Clara County and our cities, as we work together to join the World Health Organization’s Age-Friendly Global Network.

Joining this effort helps us prepare for two global demographic trends: the rapid aging population, and increasing urbanization. An age-friendly community adapts its structures and services to be inclusive of all community members with varying needs and capabilities.

Our City and County are using age-friendly guidelines to assess our needs, and to find where we need additional services, facilities or programs, using WHO’s research-based “eight domains:”

  • Outdoor spaces and building
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Social participation
  • Respect and social inclusion
  • Civic participation and information
  • Communications and information
  • Community support and health services

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